Hi, there and welcome!!! 

So, this is me- Sara Golding- Owner and Soapster at Sunflower State Soap. Thank you for taking the leap to come along with me on my soapy adventures. It will be fun, I promise! 

Maybe I should start by telling you how I stumbled into this amazing industry of Handcrafted soaps and body products. It was really a lesson in self preservation, but I am getting ahead of myself.

For many years, my husband had struggled with dry & itchy skin. Nothing diagnosable, but enough of an annoyance that we were constantly on the look out for a "sensitive skin" body wash that would not break his poor skin out. 

This turned into an adventure in and of itself. Every month, I would hit the stores to replenish his soap supply. Every month, without fail, I would come up empty handed with what I had bought the previous month. Either the store was out, It was discontinued, I went to the wrong store because I forgot which store actually carried what I was looking for.... Yeah. Hours. Every month I spent HOURS looking for the soap that worked. When I couldn't find it, I would find what it had been replaced with, and hope that that worked. Sometimes it did, and other times, well- back on the road in search of a new soap.

Sound familiar to anyone?

Well, after many years of doing this, I stumbled across a farmers market with a delightful lady selling handmade soap. Even though I had Christmas presents in mind when I bought them, my husband had other ideas. Sure enough, after using the first bar, we were hooked.  

Unfortunately, the lady who had made them was moving out of state, so we would no longer have access to her amazing soaps. Gasp! Not this again!!!

Well, being the crafty sort of person I am, I decided then and there that we were not giving up handcrafted soaps, and that we would just have to make it ourselves. 

And so our soapy adventure began. It didn't take long to realize that beyond the  functionality of soap making, there was an artistic element that could be incorporated as well. It was a creative outlet that I didn't realize that I had been needing for years. 

I had been home with my daughter since she was born, and had devoted so much time to her, that I was becoming lost within myself. This new chance encounter with learning and honing a craft was just what I needed to set myself right. My darling little girl would be heading off to school soon, and her needs for me would quickly be changing.

My Chief Brand Advisor 


Sunflower State Soap was launched in January 2015 and has grown by leaps and bounds along the way. I hear countless stories like my own, and take pride in watching clients delight in the new scents, and remark at the uniqueness of each bar. Launching this website is my way to further connect with my clients, other hardworking artisans, and anyone else who simply wants to be a part of this adventure.



Thanks for stopping by!