Profit & Loss Review

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Maximize your profits and minimize your losses with Profit & Loss Review. A one hour monthly session with industry expert Sara Golding will empower you as take full control of your business and maximize its potential.

During these one-hour monthly sessions, you'll analyze your profits, losses, margins, and strategy while setting goals to ensure continued success and accountability. 

Make the most of your business with the Profit & Loss Review. Get expert insight specifically for your business by taking advantage of our comprehensive 3, 6, or 12-month sessions. Enjoy peace of mind and track your business's progress with experience and finesse in our latest review program. Together, you'll be reaching your goals in no time!

After spending decades reviewing P&Ls for the retail stores of Fortune 500 companies, Sara wants to bring that expertise to you. She combines knowledge of high level retail sales with being an industry expert for the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics industry. Together, she is ready to offer an exclusive partnership to help you set goals, get insights and hold you accountable to your success. 


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