Masterpiece Strategy Sessions

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Masterpiece Strategy Session:

Have you ever felt like you’re *so* close to hitting the next milestone in your business, but you struggle with deciding which path will have the best outcome?

As your dedicated business strategist, I’ll work closely with you to develop actionable strategies that allow your business to easily grow to the next level. With my decades of experience reviewing financials for Fortune 500 companies, I’m confident that with simple changes in the right direction, we can bring your business to where you’ve always envisioned. 

Through a series of one-hour monthly sessions, we will explore multiple growth initiatives, along with analyzing your current profits, losses, and creating new goals to ensure continued success while protecting your profit margins. Basically, ensuring each new level of growth brings you profit first, in a way that feels manageable and secure.

Let’s make the most of your business with the Masterpiece Strategy Sessions. Available in 3, 6, or 12-month sessions so you can enjoy peace of mind while knowing an expert is in your corner.

 After spending decades reviewing P&Ls for the retail stores of Fortune 500 companies, Sara wants to bring that expertise to you. She combines knowledge of high level retail sales with being an industry expert for the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics industry. Together, she is ready to offer an exclusive partnership to help you set goals, get insights and hold you accountable to your success. 

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