Art Glass Bourbon Woods

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If you’ve tried our best selling candle Bourbon Woods, you’ll know what why everyone loves it! Now experience the intoxicating scent in a bigger candle. We’ve upgraded to a beautifully hand painted art glass vessel making this a keepsake, long after the candle has been burned.

In the mood for something strong,  a little less fussy, and absolutely refined? How about sipping a bit of Cognac, backed up with some Blackstrap Molasses, and a dash of Ginger, and some Mulling Spices? We envisioned that drink when we made this candle. There’s an exquisite balance of earthy patchouli and warm vanilla. This is the new year round candle for the office, the den, and the kitchen counter.

Our Wood Wick’d candles give a crackle as they burn, and the low flame gives them a generous 75 hour burn time.